Grancaffè Italia Regular

It is studied according to the Asian traditon of infusion, an aromatic and redolent aroma.

Charateristics of the blend
An intense red berries flavour; a peculiar slightly sour taste of those berries that is mixed of walnut and hazelnut aftertaste. A balance between the fruity flavour and the characteristics of chocolate and vanilla taste.

Grancaffè Italia Aroma classico

It is made according to the technique used in the authentic “artisan coffee roaster”: slow roasting and grinding by coffee grinding blades.

Charateristics of the blend
An intense,full and rich flavour with an aftertaste of toasted bread, caramel and chocolate.

Alla base della preparazione di un buon caffè espresso ci sono delle regole che ogni barista od apprendista deve inevitabilmente conoscere e riproporre quotidianamente.
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