The experience gained over the years and the love for coffee made us think that our acquired skills have to be shared with other expert in the field. We also realized that some operators had the necessity to have their own branded products to avoid the disagreement with the other manufacturing companies. For this reason we have created a product line made up of different blends and sizes. Our Services, flexibility and the experience gained during the years make a good opportunity for an appealing business.


Box bottom bag for coffee beans


Aluminum bag
Size available: 5000, 3000, 1000 e 500 grams

Paper bag

Size available: 5000 e 3000 grams

Roasted Coffee blends studied for different kinds of uses. You have the opportunity to choose in a wide selection of blends, the type of roasting and grinding. As a proper coffee company we can also package your coffee.

Customized: customized printing by thermal transfer directly on packs (per size 1000 and 500 grams), application of adhesive label & customer logo (per size 5 and 3 kg) or creating of the personal film with the image and label of customer.



Size available: 500, 250, 125 and 100 grams
Coffee roasted blend created for every use.

: Unicolor printing on the package and thermic transfer. We can also create a personalized reel exclusively for the customer






Size available: 250 and 125
Ground and Coffee beans
Coffee roasted blend studied for different kind of uses
You can choose in a wide selection of blends the type of roasting and grinding

As a proper coffee company we can also package your coffee

Alla base della preparazione di un buon caffè espresso ci sono delle regole che ogni barista od apprendista deve inevitabilmente conoscere e riproporre quotidianamente.
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