1952 – 1968

It all started in 1952 in a small place in Palermo using a traditional machinery to roast the coffee. In 1968 Giuseppe Amato with the help of his wife founded the Torrefazione Caffè di Messina Michela. In the course of time passion, experience and targeted investments for the equipment have resulted in the growth and the success of the company in the local market.

the founder

In 1972

In 1972 after the considerable increase in sales, Giuseppe and Michela moved the company to a bigger place.They decided to insert innovative machineries and automatic production equipment.At that point they decided to create a brand that identified themselves on the market as a guarantee of quality.
The brand had to reflect the name of the family but at the same time they wanted it to be innovative and easily remembered, So it was called Messican Caffè.

Since 2001

Since 2001 the company has started to sell abroad in two different continents and in competitive and complex markets. With the internationalisation of the company was necessary to found a Brand that showed the hight quality of the coffee blend 100% made in Italy , So it was born Grancaffè Italia.


Grancaffè Italia products are committed to the international consumers and to the catering Experts. In the meantime Messican Caffè products keep the traditional taste of the authentic Sicilian coffee blends.

Alla base della preparazione di un buon caffè espresso ci sono delle regole che ogni barista od apprendista deve inevitabilmente conoscere e riproporre quotidianamente.
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