Uncomprimising quality

A great product is the result of many productive steps and the selection of raw materials.
This process starts with the choice of green coffees perfectly roasted and cooled down.
The accurate blending, the efficient equipments and the rest in silos for a certain period, enhance the coffee flavours and tastes that give off the perfect mix for every kind of blends.
For this reason our products offer a priceless pleasure.

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Coffe artisans

since the sixties

For three generations we have been producing selected roasted coffee blends.
Messican Caffè is the Brand of The Authentic Sicilian taste, Grancaffè Italia has been created for demanding tastes.
We have the key for every demands, products for different sectors: Horeca,Vending,OCS, Retail and Organic.

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Our products

Every day we select the best green coffee to make our coffee blends.

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Alla base della preparazione di un buon caffè espresso ci sono delle regole che ogni barista od apprendista deve inevitabilmente conoscere e riproporre quotidianamente.
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Ufficio e stabilimento produttivo
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